Trikatu Benefits: The Best Herbal Supplement For Digestive Health


Do you suffer from digestive disorders, such as a flatulence, or a loss of appetite? Do you look for a natural herbal supplement for digestive health? You might want to try out the Trikatu – Ayurvedic herbal blend.

This is basically a digestive stimulant that comprises equal parts of ginger root, black pepper, and long pepper. We are going to dig deeper into Trikatu Benefits and its finer details in the proceeding discussions.


Trikatu: What is This?

trikatuThis formulation was developed in ancient times. It is one of the few that still survive and finds applicability to date. The medication is considered to have originated around 6,000 BCE in the Indus Valley Civilization. The earlier records indicate that it evolved from the Vedas.

This formulation, as stated above, blends two kinds of peppers and ginger. In its finest forms, the Trikatu comes as the blend of the long pepper which gives the exotic touch; a black pepper which exudes some spicy notes and ginger that gives some warmth and musky flavor. This formulation is great for the mitigation of digestive problems.

To make good use of this Trikatu, you have to mix it in your cooking as a spice. If you are not a big fun of spicy food, you can always find online pills that comprise it.

The Trikatu contains the following three ingredients:

  Black Pepper (KALI MIRCH) – Piper Nigrum

  Long Pepper (PIPPALI) – Piper Longum

  Dried Ginger (SONDH) – Zingiber Officinale

Some of the characteristics of this blend are medicinal, bio-enhancing, antiviral, and fat-burning among others. It is therefore capable of performing numerous chores and benefits at a time.


Why Trikatu is Good For You?

Check greenIt Bolsters Digestion

bellyThe number one use of this herbal blend is to bolster digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients. The active substances, increasing the activity of digestive enzymes and the high fiber content of the supplement are what is responsible for this role. Additionally, it is great in that it leaves behind almost no side effects.


Check greenIt Boosts Immunity

immunityBy virtue of being able to combat microbes and bacteria, the supplement also improves the immunity of the body. These microorganisms are responsible for the emergence of diseases and sicknesses of various kinds. Your intake of this herbal blend will hence play a good role in maintaining your health in the best state, especially in winter season.


Check greenIt Ups the Body’s Metabolism

metabolismDo you experience other health issues besides poor digestion? Worry not! This supplement too is well suited for you. It does have the ability to speed up the breakdown of stored fat and increase energy, helping with weight problems and obesity. The end result is boosted metabolism and a healthier body.


Check greenIt Eases Respiratory Issues

coldThis supplement has also been identified to combat a couple of respiratory issues and disorders. Examples of these are blocked nose, constricted nasal cavity, cough, bronchitis and sore throat.

It also can treat allergic rhinitis, because it reduces histamine so having antiallergenic effect. Being natural, it leaves behind no adverse side effects as other chemical interventions.


Check greenIt Improves the Functioning of the Liver

cureDue to its extremely hot nature, this supplement does boost the functioning of the liver considerably. Moreover, it also has the ability to treat jaundice naturally and with almost no limited side effects. This is not to mention that it is cheaper than most alternatives.


Check greenIt Fights Inflammatory Conditions

skeletonSome inflammatory conditions like gout and rheumatoid arthritis can easily be mitigated by the intake of the Trikatu supplement. This stems from its possession of sufficient quantities of anti-inflammatory properties which do this job.


Check greenIt Scales down the Risks of Atherosclerosis and Hyperlipidemia

cholesterolFrom time to time, the body does experience the build-up of cholesterol and fats within the arteries of the blood vessels. The condition is normally caused by the excessive accumulation of fat in the blood. Trikatu is hot enough to melt this excess lipids down and scale down their side effects. It sufficiently reduces LDL levels increasing healthy HDL levels.


Side Effects And Contraindications


Red Exclamation Mark

Check greenWorsens Gastritis

If you have inflammations in the stomach, you are advised against taking this supplement. This is because the ingredients are often too hot, a fact that has the impact of worsening such conditions altogether.

Check greenCauses Burning Sensations

The intake of this supplement causes some burning sensations. This may pose some discomforts to those persons who are averse to such sensations in the first place. You want to ascertain that you are not such kind of a person before proceeding with its intake.

Check greenHeartburns and Acidity

By far the most known side effect of this supplement is excessive acidity and heartburn. This blend has the undesirable side effect of inflicting excess acid levels in the gastrointestinal tract.

Check greenMouth Ulcers

Though rare, there have been reported cases of mouth ulcers after the intake of this wonderful supplement in the powder form. It is necessary therefore to consult your  doctor before taking this supplement to be able to ascertain that you are not predisposed to this condition.

Check greenExcessive Sweating

As expected, Trikatu does pose the danger of excessive sweating. The argument here is the fact that it is too hot and as such, has the tendency to raise the body temperature. You should take it with a glass of cold water.



dosageThe exact dosage of the Trikatu depends on several factors. These include the age, weight, and the severity of the existing condition. Generally, you are advised against taking the supplement if you have pre-existing medical conditions like allergies, pregnancies, and open wounds.

A fully-grown adult ought to take ½ to 1 teaspoon before the meal. This translates to around 125 mg to 500 mg two times a day. You should accompany this with the intake of some honey or water. Or alternatively you ought to take 1-2 pills twice a day. The overweight individuals ought to take ¼ teaspoon after the meal. Taking higher dosages or consuming it before the meal can increase your appetite.


Bottom Line

You are now good to go! The information we have furnished above is indeed great and handy for your use. It is now up to you to go ahead and make maximum use of the drug. Given the awesome benefits of this supplement, you do not want to drag your feet at all. On the contrary, you want to make every effort to make use of the supplement soonest possible. All the best in your attempt to leverage the awesome power of this supplement!


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