The Best Neem Oil Products – Where To Buy Neem Tree Products In 2019


In a previous article we spoke about the health benefits of Neem tree that can help with various skin problems, such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff and even scabies. In India, neem ingredients can be found in a wide range of popular consumer goods. In recent years, neem tree is also gaining continuously growing popularity in US and European countries.

Several products nowadays contain Neem: soaps, shampoos, skin creams, toothpaste, body sprays, even candles and incense sticks, usually used as repellents. So how not to get lost in such a large amount of goods to choose from, how to find the best neem oil products and where to buy Neem tree products that suit you the best – we will discuss all this below.


Pure neem oil

The neem oil can be extracted both via mechanical crushing of the Neem seed kernel or by a solvent extraction method. Produced by mechanical pressing, the oil is usually yellowish green to dark brown, cloudy, bitter, and smelly. Neem oil contains sulfur-containing ingredients, whose unpleasantly strong odor is described as a combination of peanut and garlic.

The solvent extracted Neem oil is of a much lower quality compared with the mechanical extracted oil and is generally used for soap, shampoo and other consumer products manufacturing.

So, read labels carefully before buying the neem oil – make sure that it’s not contaminated with solvents or other chemical substances that may have been used during extraction and purification.


TheraTree Neem OilMechanically Pressed Unrefined Organic Cosmetic Neem Oil by Oleavine

This oil has the best ratings according to customer satisfaction reviews. Sometimes customers complain about a very bad smell of this oil, not completely understanding that bad smell indicates a high quality of this product. And others say that this oil is a stinky miracle – it really helps to solve multiple skin problems. But If you can’t handle a bad smelling product, mix it with a sweet-scented essential oil – it will help to mask the smell.



Kate Blanc Neem OilCold Pressed Organic Neem Oil by Kate Blanc Cosmetics

Kate Blanc’s facility is located in California, verified USDA Organic and satisfy with the highest manufacturing standards.

This oil is slightly inferior to the previous one. Nevertheless, it is a high quality product and may be a good choice for you.



Neem Soap

A significant part of the neem oil used in soap producing industry is produced by using different chemical solvents. The part of those solvents may remain in final product. Like many other chemical compounds, those solvents can cause allergies and other unwanted reactions in people. So, if you want to buy natural product, always check the origin of the neem oil.



Himalaya WashNatural Face Wash for Oily and Acne Prone Skin with Neem and Turmeric by Himalaya

Gentle and and non-comedogenic face wash from big Indian company contains only Neem Leaf extract. The product is free from synthetic ingredients, purifies for fresh, radiant and clear skin, specially designed for oily and mild-acne prone skin. And turmeric is a great additive to achieve clean and healthy skin.


Natural Organic Neem Soap Bar by The Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird SoapThe Yellow Bird is a small family owned company located in US and producing chemical free skin care products.

Their Neem soap bar is made via the traditional cold processed method. It is useful to fight acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, itching, redness and scars, calms and soothes a problem skin. Essential Oils of Gingergrass, Lemongrass, and Geranium are added for a good smell of the product.

The soap is really good, but a little bit expensive, so you can check the next option, less expensive but still high-quality product.


 Handcrafted Cleansing Bar (4 PACK) with Neem and Turmeric by Himalaya

Himalaya Soap BarsHimalaya is a big Indian company, that integrates together the knowledge of Ayurveda and modern science.

The soap is enriched with turmeric, free of harsh chemicals, suitable for a sensitive and problem skin, and has a nice herbal scent – all this at an affordable price.


Neem Shampoo

Neem oil is highly effective in curing and preventing the occurence of dundruff. Using modern chemical-based shampoo for treating dandruff, harsh and sometimes toxic chemical ingredients present in modern shampoos may worsen the condition of your hair. So, be careful: Neem for dandruff treatment is both an effective and safe option!

Neem Scalp Therapeutic Shampoo by Zatural

ZaturalNeemShampooZatural company is located in Idaho, US. All their products are made in the USA and backed by 3rd party testing.

Their Neem shampoo has neutral smell and contains only non chemical natural ingredients. Sometimes customers complain on the watery appearance of the shampoo, and weak lathering up. But it is the price for being natural that you pay for non-chemical product.

If you still prefer thick and lathering up shampoo, check the next option:


Thera Neem Shampoo Neem Gentle Therapeutic Shampoo by Organix


It has sweet grapefruit fragrance, much thicker then the previous one and lather up much better, but all this takes place only because of the chemical detergents, added to the product for ease of use.



Neem Toothpaste

Chewing a neem stick has for thousands years been a common form of oral hygiene in India to maintain oral hygiene and prevent teeth and gums problems.

According to the several studies, it was the tradition of using neem sticks for oral care that has helped Indians to avoid cavities, plaque and tooth loss in remote rural areas without any ability to get modern dental care or modern oral care products, and all this due to antibacterial effects of Neem twigs.

Picking the Right Neem Toothpaste

You must remember one thing: There is no such thing as a Neem oil toothpaste.

Neem oil is intended for external use only! Use it freely for your skin and hair, but do not take neem oil internally – it can be dangerous, especcialy for children and infants!

Neem toothpaste is only produced from neem leaf and neem bark. Neem’s beneficial effects on oral health are mostly in its bark and leaves. Never buy neem toothpaste from someone who claims it contains neem oil. And don’t try to enrich your own toothpaste or mouthwash with neem oil – it can be not safe.


Himalaya ToothpasteNeem Toothpaste with Pomegranate and Triphala Powder by Himalaya

Very natural product from Indian manufacture, based on Ayurvedic traditions and has extremely good customer ratings. The big advantage of this product that it enriched with triphala powder, widely used in India for numerous oral health benefits. Customers notes that this toothpaste reduces plaque, removes surface stains and helps with tooth sensitivity issues. Sometimes customers complain that this toothpaste is not flavored enough compared with chemically filled toothpastes. If you prefer more flavored toothpastes, the next option will be a good choice.


TheraNeemToothPasteTheraNeem Mint Toothpaste by Organix

Organix-South, Inc. company was founded in 1998 and is based in Bowling Green, Florida. Organix-South, Inc. manufactures and sells high quality organic neem and other Ayurvedic herbal products.

Customers are very satisfied with their toothpaste. They note that their teeth look whiter and they have much less plaque.



  1. Great article, so many things that it begins to make me think about. First off it kind of goes back to the old Shaklee days when they wanted to put tea tree oil on everything. That led me on the thought process of I wonder what would happen if you put tea tree oil and neem oil together! It be like the ultimate oil combination LOL. I also noticed that in all the products that you’re talking about the glass is tinted, I know from using essential oils that that’s one of the ways you can tell high-quality oils or even when you’re buying Fruit Products or fruit juices from the store you can tell higher-quality ingredients because they have to protect those higher-quality ingredients one way to do that even though it’s more expensive for them is to use darkened glass. Great article!

    1. Hi, Johnny. Thank you for the reading.

      My family uses both a tea tree oil and a neem tree oil. In my opinion, tea tree oil is overestimated and neem oil is simply better. Tea tree oil is good as an antiseptic, but I don’t think that it is better than any other antiseptic. And it is effective only against mild forms of acne.
      Neem oil is not only treats you skin, it nourishes your face, while moisturizing and revitalizing your skin. And it is stronger in treating acne.

      There is only one use of tea tree, that I consider to be better – in oral hygiene. Tea tree oil has very refreshing scent, so I add it to my mouthwash. You can not do this with Neem oil, because Neem oil really stinks.

      Kind Regards.


  2. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post. This really came at the right time. About three weeks ago I have noticed itchy spots on the hands. I discovered that it was eczema, up till now I still have it. I believe that if I apply one of these oils, it will help restore my skin back to its original position. I think I should go for unrefined neem oil. What do you think?

    1. Hi, Lock.

      It is always better to speak with your doctor before, but anyway it worth a try to use a neem oil on your skin. Just do not apply undilluted Neem oil, mix it with some carrier oil that you have in your kitchen: 1 tsp. of carrier oil per 4-5 drops of Neem oil would be the right ratio.

      Good Luck

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