Enjoying the Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Plant: How to Pick the Best Sea Buckthorn Oil

Do you know how sea buckthorn plant may benefit your health and how to incorporate it into your daily routine? Do you want to know how to pick the best sea buckthorn oil, enjoying all the benefits of sea buckthorn plant? Read this article to discover all the answers.


The Main Distinguishing Characteristics of  Sea Buckthorn Oil

uniqueSo, what distinguishes Sea Buckthorn oil from any other oil? Let’s begin with the fact that Sea Buckthorn oil contains very rare palmitoleic acid, a specific type of omega7 fatty acid which bears  unique and valuable health properties. Researches have demonstrated that this substance (approximately 35% of the oil’s composition) strengthens, soothes and regenerates epithelial cells of your digestive tract, so it is capable of relieving you of constant heartburns and ulcers.

The omega7 fatty acid in buckthorn oil is capable of solving your weight problems. It has an effect on hormones responsible for fat storage. If you have been trying for the longest time possible to shed the extra fat in your belly, thighs or buttocks, then it is time to give Sea Buckthorn Berry oil a try.

Other active compounds of the buckthorn oil are carotenoids. These are a naturally occurring plant pigments with high fat solubility, and can be useful in preventing and fighting diseases such as heart conditions, cancer, and degenerative eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

This oil is uniquely saturated with fatty acids, amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins micro and macro elements, so sea buckthorn berry oil is also the key to a healthy skin. With the omega7 fatty acid found in it, this oil can greatly enhance your skin’s appearance. If you have been fighting with skin ailments such as acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, then applying sea buckthorn oil could be what you ought to try to eliminate irritation and scale down redness.


The Fruit Oil vs Seed Oil: How Are They Different?

scaleSea Buckthorn oil is produced in two forms: pulp oil and seed oil. The two varieties are extracts of Sea Buckthorn berry, but from different parts of it. The seed oil just as the name suggests is an extract of the tiny seeds, while the fruit oil is an extract of the fleshy pulp.

Despite sharing the similar nutritional components, the two oils are different from each other. The most noticeable difference is their appearance. The pulp oil ranges from dark orange to red in color, and appears to be very viscous, while the seed oil ranges from pale yellow to light orange and is less viscous. Also, their nutritive magnitudes vary as well as their availability (highly dependent on harvesting time, extraction method, growth conditions and plant variety).

What is the most striking distinction between the two oils? This has to be their fatty acid profiles. The pulp oil has Omega6 and Omega7. Studies has demonstrated that Omega7 has regenerating characteristics beneficial for the skin, urogenital and gastro-intestinal tracts. Orange color of the pulp oil stems from carotenoids, antioxidants that can assist in fighting cancer, heart and degenerative eye diseases. You can easily identify the pulp oil by its pleasant fruity smell.

Seed oil has an earthy scent (if at all) that is nothing similar to berry oil aroma. It is mostly composed of Omega3 and Omega6 in an equal ratio. It is also composed of omega9, which is a vital component in safeguarding your immune system and lowering cholesterol concentration in your organism. It is also what you need to achieve that healthy smooth skin that you’ve been craving for, especially for dry or prematurely aged skin.

The other distinction between the two oils is the level of vitamin E and K in them. Seed oil has a much higher content of these two substances. It also contains phytosterols responsible for  protecting collagen fibers and also lowering the concentration of cholesterol in blood.


What methods Are in Use to Extract the Oil?

The following four methods can be implemented to produce oil from the plant:

Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction

arrowIt is a new process that you might want to consider using if you are looking to produce the safest full-spectrum plant extracts.

The first step involves cooling CO2 to its supercritical state (state somewhere between liquid and gas), which happens at 31 degrees Celsius. The cooled CO2 is then passed through the plant to extract all the nutritional components.

The most appealing thing about this procedure is that it is clean, environment friendly, efficient, and doesn’t interfere with the nutritional quality of the oil.


Immersion in a carrier oil

sea-buckthornIf you want to extract your oil at home, then this is the best method to use.

The first step involves drying your fruit, after which you crush it and place it in a container. Next, fill the container with a refined vegetable oil and heat it for approximately 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, then store it in the dark at room temperature and ensure that it is covered. Let it sit for a week before you filter the oil out.

The better the oil is purified, the longer it is stored. This oil contains 5-20% sea buckthorn oil, depending on the type of fruit and the ratio of the dry fruit and vegetable oil poured to it. It is clear that this procedure of oil extraction is inefficient and is used only in the household.


Extraction by use of Hexane solvent

refineryThis procedure involves the use of hexane solvent to sort out different components in the oil. After these components have been separated from the oil, the oil goes through another process of purification to eliminate unwanted plant materials and pigments. Alcohol is used to cleanse the oil. After the process is over, alcohol is evaporated leaving behind a pure pool of oil.

Despite it being less costly and easy to use, this method also has its own limitations. For example, the high temperatures used might destroy nutrients found in the oil. It is also not clean, and causes damage to the environment.


Cold Press Extraction

machinesThis is the most ancient way of producing oils from their sources. It involves the use of stainless steel presses to squeeze out oil out of seeds or fruits. During this process, heat averaging about 40 degree Celsius is produced.

It is more preferred than the use of hexane since it is more clean and natural and is capable of preserving vital nutrients. However, this method might not be convenient to extract large volumes of oil.


What to look out for when purchasing sea buckthorn oil

Red exclamation markLegit buckthorn oil can be used both internally and externally. If you come across one without any printed nutritional profile on the bottle, then there are high chances that it is not pure buckthorn oil. Also, unscrupulous manufacturers usually discourage users from consuming buckthorn oil internally.


Where to Find High Quality Sea Buckthorn Products

Today you can get most of the sea buckthorn products online. If you decided to purchase these products, make sure to buy it only from a trusted source.

My favorite sea buckthorn oil is

BestNaturesCosmeticCold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil by BestNaturesCosmetic.

BestNaturesCosmetic is small family business located in Canada and using only natural ingredients. They specialize in natural skin care products and all their products have been made by only traditional methods, unrefined and free of harsh chemicals.


The next example shows us how expensive can be a high-quality Sea Buckthorn oil:

MironOrganic Seabuckthorn Oil CO2 Total Extract, organically grown in Bulgaria and processed in Germany. It is the purest and the nutrient richest oil than you can find on the market, with very deep orange color and a strong fruit scent. And the cost is extremely expensive, but the healing properties of this oil definitely outweigh it.



NatturaThe next product that worth attention as an oral supplement is

Cold Pressed Whole Sea Buckthorn Wild Berries Oil Capsules  by Nattura. The product is produced from whole Sea Buckthorn berries that are grown and processed in EU. And it is good as a complete source of Omega Fatty Acids, including rare and super benefitial Omega7 fatty acid.


Let’s see one more (I would say negative) example of sea Buckthorn oil:

poppy austinCold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil by Poppy Austin

They claim that this product is rich in Omega7 and can help with acne, eczema and rosacea. But we already know that seed oil has very low amount of Omega7. Despite the fact that that Seed Oil also can help with acne and rosacea (and customers are indeed satisfied with this product), the pulp oil is much better for this purpose. So, if you suffer from skin ailments, why do you need the seed oil? – go straightly for the pulp oil, right?


And let’s finish our guide with delicious sea Buckthorn product, that is usually not so readily available in US:

SeaBuckthornJamSea Buckthorn Homemade Jam from Latvia, EU.

This Jam consist of pure Sea Buckthorn juice and sugar. This natural home made jelly is slightly sweet and has delicate berry flavor. If you are not familiar yet with sea Buckthorn berries, give it a try – you will enjoy it for sure.


Bottom line

Sea Buckthorn is found in different configurations in the market. You can find Sea Buckthorn oil as pills or liquid oil. You can also find Buckthorn Berry juices in order to benefit from both its rich nutritional profile and delicious taste and aroma.

You always should remember, that if you have to choose between pulp and seed oil, buckthorn pulp oil is more beneficial for your health, because it contains Omega7 fat acids and carotenoids. But if you need to treat dry or mature skin, it is better to use buckthorn seed oil, since it has rich nutritional makeup and not stains your skin. Anyway, synergistic use in this case is the best policy and a natural mix of berry and seed oil usually brings the best results.

As for extraction procedure, the only method that gives the high-quality full spectrum sea buckthorn oil is CO2 Supercritical extraction procedure. Cold press method gives you mostly buckthorn pulp oil, though this method is natural and proven safe for centuries of active use.


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