Chyawanprash Benefits For Health And Wellbeing: Ayurveda For Your Health and Beauty


Chyawanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic sweet formulation made from various natural components that have a rich nutritional profile and are used mainly for its health benefits.

It was formulated in ancient times in India, and since then the composition of the mixture has not changed. And why someone should change something that is already very effective? Here is everything that you should know about Chyawanprash benefits for health and wellbeing.


Composition of Chyawanprash

compositionPreparation of Chyawanprash is provided in various Indian manuscripts and holy books. It is made from a cooked mixture of honey, ghee butter, Amla berries, sesame oil, spices and herbs. Once the mixture is ready, it forms a thick brownish paste-like composition with the smell of spices.

Chyawanprash is a multi component biologically active dietary formulation enriched with vitamins and minerals, and consisting of 25 -80 all-natural and fresh components.

The basic component of Chyawanprash is Amla berries, rich in vitamin C in an easily digestible form. In addition, amla has an immunomodulatory effect, and also protects the body from the action of free radicals.

Chyawanprash is a tasty and sweet product due to the above ingredients. Also, Chyawanprash has a flavored smell from herbs such as cinnamon, cardamon, and sandalwood. To put it simply, this herb formulation is a mere flavored spicy jam.

Red Exclamation MarkIt should be remembered that Chyawanprash that produced by different companies, differ from each other in taste and smell, so the classic Indian Chyawanprash may seem to you too sharp and harsh in taste. Therefore, it is usually better to buy Chyawanprash adapted for Western consumers.


Chyawanprash: How to consume

dosageThere are no restrictions as to how you can consume Chyawanprash. However, most people mix it with milk and warm water or consume directly, dissolving it in their mouth. Some people use Chyawanprash as a jam to spread on bread and toast.

Both children and adults can consume Chyawanprash. For adults, they should take one to two teaspoons at least once or twice a day. Children should be given half a teaspoon every day. Most people take Chyawanprash in the morning and evening.

Due to the many Chyawanprash health benefits, it can be used for long-term purposes, or you can choose a certain program that you are comfortable with.

It is crucial that you inform your medical practitioner before taking Chyawanprash, especially if you have an existing condition.


Health benefits of Chyawanprash

A lot of research has been conducted over the years regarding the benefits of Chyawanprash. Chyawanprash has been tested to act as an antioxidant and adaptogen. Some people take Chyawanprash as a health supplement while others consume due to various health conditions. Here are some of the health benefits that you enjoy when you take Chyawanprash.


Check greenEnhances the immune system

defenseChyawanprash is known to be a powerful immune booster from its basic component, Amla, which contains the highest percentage of vitamin C. Moreover,  the combination of more than 30 herbs makes Chyawanprash a product, that effectively strengthen your immune system. The product can protect individuals from all types of infections that can lead to diseases.


Check greenImproves digestive system

digestive systemIt is believed in India that good immunity begins with good digestion, and first of all with the digestive fire (Agni). Chyawanprash strengthens the digestive fire (Agni), improving metabolism and gastrointestinal functions.

People with issues with their digestive system have found relief in Chyawanprash. The properties found in Chyawanprash help in preventing  heartburn, constipation and flatulence which affects a lot of people around the world.


Check greenImproves the respiratory system


Ancient ayurvedic sources recommend using Chyawanprash for respiratory diseases, especially for people suffering from asthma and bronchitis.

Research on Chyawanprash has proved that people who have suffered from chronic lung diseases have found relief in Chyawanprash. Studies also confirm the effectiveness of Chyawanprash in combating diseases caused by smoking and air pollution.


Check greenBenefits to the brain

brainThe different herbal components in Chyawanprash contribute to the better functioning of the brain. With Chyawanprash, the brain function is enhanced which makes people have a good memory. If you forget things easily, consuming Chyawanprash will boost your brain and sharpen your memory.

This sweet Indian jam is also highly recommended for children to help them concentrate in school.


Check greenBenefits to the sport, fitness and bodybuilding

sportSeveral recent studies show that athletes receiving Chyawanprash, increased physical performance by 20.8% in average, with a maximum of 31.7%.

Thus, data was obtained that the herbal preparation Chvawanprash causes an increase in physical performance, increases the adaptive mechanisms of an athlete, has a positive effect on changes in hemoglobin, and allows for faster recovery after physical exertion.


Check greenSkin and hair benefits

child washingChyawanprash has anti-aging properties that prevent wrinkles on the skin. The antioxidant properties in Chyawanprash stop the cells damages responsible for aging.

Therefore, if you want to look youthful, attractive and live longer, you should consider using Chyawanprash. The ingredients in Chyawanprash are rich in vitamin C, and when you take the product, the effects will reflect on your skin.

Chyawanprash also prevents graying of hair as you age due to the high nutritional values of the ingredients that make the product. These ingredients strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling off. Chyawanprash improves the complexion of an individual improving the self-esteem.


Check greenPurifies the blood

bloodAyurveda beleives that when one consumes Chyawanprash, toxins (Ama) are removed from the body which purifies the blood. Nowadays with busy lives, most people eat unhealthy foods which may increase the number of toxins (Ama) in the body. With Chyawanprash, the toxins are eliminated from the body which prevents health complications and conditions.



Side Effects and Contraindications

Red Exclamation MarkWith the extensive research done for many years, there are no side effects that have been observed from Chyawanprash. You should note that all the ingredients used in making Chyawanprash are natural hence there are no toxins associated with the product. Also, there have been no reports regarding any interaction when Chyawanprash is used with other drugs. However, it is essential that you talk to your physician before you start taking Chyawanprash.

Like any remedy, Chyawanprash should not be taken in some cases:

Check green Diabetes (exception — a special Chyawanprash composition in which there is no sugar);

Check green Aggravation of peptic ulcer disease;

Check green Acute cholecystitis, nephritis and pancreatitis;

Check green

Chyawanprash is a high-calorie mixture containing oil and butter, so do not exceed the recommended dose, otherwise you can easily gain weight;

Check green Also, if you have any allergy, you should avoid Chyawanprash or consult your doctor first.



When buying Chyawanprash, you need to consider the quality by understanding the ingredients in the product. You should note the location where the herbs are grown to ensure that they are natural. When purchasing Chyawanprash, compare the prices offered by different suppliers while at the same time ensure that you consider the quality. Chyawanprash is a healthy and tasty supplement that you should consider to be part of your daily life.



  1. This is very interesting. I’ve never seen or heard of Chyawanprash before. It actually sounds like a perfect solution for me. I’m personally an athlete and I also spend lots of time doing things like coding and learning so increasing the performance of my body and brain will definitely help. Where can I buy Chyawanprash? I’ve never seen it in supermarkets.

    1. Hi, Kevin.

      Chyawanprash is one of those rare products that is not only benefitial, but also tasty. You can find it in every local Indian store. Or you can purchase it online on Amazon or on IHerb. See this link, for example: IHerb Chyawanprash



  2. Hi Thanks for this post, I love following ancient traditions and medications so I’m glad I found this review. I was not aware of this product thank you so much for sharing. Also love the idea that there is no side effects which comes with many new manufactured products. Will be giving it a try.

    1. Hi, Abbas. Thanks for the reading.
      Chyawanprash sometimes has side effects. Mostly because of the fact that it contains so much exotic herbs, that it can cause allergy in non-Indian consumer. Western consumers are not familiar with the most of the herbs that comprise Chyawanprash. But anyway it worth a try.

      Good Luck

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