Boswellia For Pain Relief — The Best Natural Pain Killer

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It’s amazing how a lot of people are looking back to traditional medicine for relief. This can be attributed to the harmful side effects associated with modern day medicine. That aside, are you familiar with Boswellia and the great benefits of Boswellia for pain relief? Do you know why Boswellia is considered to be the best natural pain killer?


Historical Applications

jerusalem-templeBoswellia goes way back in the field of Asian traditional systems of medicine. It is popularly called Indian Frankincense. The plant-derived compounds originate from the Boswellia Serrata tree which widely distributed in forests of western and central India.

Since ancient times this plant has been used by classical Ayurvedic Science to cope with a couple of health issues including pain, arthritis, fever and much more. The oleoresin of Boswellia was considered by the Asians to cure chronic antiinflammatory illnesses for more than 5,000 years.

If you may remember, Frankincense was mentioned in some excerpts from the bible: it has been used in Jerusalem’s sacred temple services. It was and is still considered as a ‘special’ commodity in Asia. Nonetheless, particular species of Boswellia – Boswellia Serrata – have found its way to other parts of the world, and it has aided a lot of people suppress inflammation and relieve pain or fever.


Boswellia: How it Works

cog-wheelsIt is a bit similar to curcumin supplement, only that Boswellia is stronger and more potent. Its antiinflammatory effect originates from the bio-active compounds called terpenoids. The additional antioxidant substances discovered in Boswellia also contribute to its strong antiinflammatory effect.

Research has shown that Boswellia does suppress the synthesis of leukotrienes. These are the substances causing inflammation. Boswellia may work on its own or alongside other medication to cope with inflammation related disorders. And pain and inflammation are usually connected: suppressing one, you eliminate the other.

But, always confirm with your doctor and rule out instances where Boswellia may negatively affect the intake of your medications.


Health Benefits of Boswellia

Check greenIt Provides Pain Alleviation from Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

kneeThanks to the antiinflammatory characteristics of Boswellia, it can ease the pain to patients suffering from the above conditions. Moreover, the herb can also reduce swelling and improve ability to move.

Are you familiar with the fact that Boswellia does lower the inflammation on a scale of 45% to 67% compared to prescription painkillers that lower the inflammation by 37%? This is a clear indication that Boswellia is more potent at coping with inflammation compared to prescription drugs for arthritis.

Remember, Boswellia doesn’t possess severe side effects compared to its counterparts. The results from research done on those suffering from Osteoarthritis showed that individuals who were given Boswellia did notice an alleviation of joint pain and swelling. To make matters even better, Boswellia begins to work in a short duration of time, preferably two weeks. This is unlike some natural antiinflammatory preparations which take more than three weeks to start to work.


Check greenIt Reduces the symptoms of Inflammatory bowel disease

belly-painInflammation is a common symptom for some bowel conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcers. If you go for a natural solution, then you should take Boswellia. Its antiinflammatory characteristics will be very helpful in treating inflammatory bowel conditions. The herb can also aid in improving gastrointestinal health. It does so by bolstering the immune activity of the digestional system and also providing anti-oxidant protection.


Check greenIt Eases Asthma Symptoms

asthmaBoswellia was used since time immemorial to deal with a variety of respiratory conditions such as coughing, bronchitis and breathing problems. Currently, the herb has proven to be very successful in suppressing the inflammatory response that provokes asthma.

A clinical study conducted on a group of individuals that some of them were given Boswellia and others didn’t, revealed that those who did, noticed an improvement in the symptoms of asthma. Boswellic active ingredients impact asthma by improving one’s breathing and lowering the frequency of attacks.

Moreover, taking Boswellia together with other natural antiinflammatory herbal supplements like turmeric, licorice and curcumin can greatly decrease the level of inflammatory agents responsible for asthma attacks. Boswellia can also strengthen one’s immune system thus reducing the response to environmental irritants for asthma patients.


Check greenBoswellia as a Potential Cure for Cancer

blood sampleCancer has become quite rampant today. Though we may want to blame our lifestyles, this may not solve the problem at hand. Boswellia has demonstrated to be able to suppress tumor growth in a couple of ways. The boswellic terpenoids have shown the capability to destroy tumor cells. Moreover, other substances found in Indian Frankincense have also shown anticancer characteristics.

Recent studies have shown that Boswellia has antitumor effects in different types of cancer cells including breast, brain, colon, and prostate tumors. It is also capable of suppressing abnormal cell viability and increasing tumor cell death. Research is still continuing, and in time, we will be able to understand Boswellia’s impact on anti-cancer activities.


How Much Boswellia You Should Take

cureBoswellia based supplements are quite popular. Some entail only Boswellia extracts whereas others also contain other antiinflammatory herbs such as turmeric extract called curcumin. They are available in the form of pills, tinctures, and powders.

The ideal dosage is 300mg taken thrice a day. This dosage recommendation may vary with the supplement at hand. It’s best if you take it in accordance with the directions indicated on the label by the manufacturer or that of a qualified health practitioner. You should also note that for youngsters the dosage of Boswellia is half that of adults. Also, if you are pregnant or suffering from other health issues, it’s best that you get medical advice from a physician.

The dosage for Boswellia should range between 300 to 500 milligrams. But, for some conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, the dosage required may be more to achieve satisfactory results. According to the Arthritis Foundation, their recommended dosage ranges between 300 to 400 milligrams thrice a day.


Contraindications and Possible Side Effects

Red Exclamation MarkBoswellia does have a few side effects. They include: nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, and heartburn. The herb should also not be taken during pregnancy without the prescription and supervision of a qualified professional. This is because it may be a reason for miscarriages. And since Boswellia does increase blood flow in the uterus and pelvis, it may stimulate menstrual flow.

If you notice any severe side effects, seek medical help the soonest possible.



If you are looking for a natural supplement that can successfully deal with pain and inflammation, then you should try out Boswellia. It has been used traditionally to fight arthritis, bowel inflammations, asthma and currently cancer. Indian Frankincense embraces the art of Ayurveda, which is an ancient holistic healing system that has gained popularity due to its effectiveness. And as always, before you purchase Boswellia supplements, make sure that you do in-depth research on the different vendors.


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