Benefits of Sea Buckthorn for Weight Loss and Skin Care – Healing Properties of Miraculous Berry

sea buckthorn

When you are thinking of health products, you may not be familiar with Sea Buckthorn. There is at least one reason it can fit into your life. Let’s dig deeper into benefits of Sea Buckthorn for weight loss, skin care and digestive health.


Let me introduce you to Sea Buckthorn

sea buckthorn shrubSea Buckthorn is a berry-filled bush that primarily grows on the coastline of Europe, northwest China, and northwest Mongolia. It can be found in Russia, Canada, Asia, and central Europe as well. In addition to thorny branches and leaves, some of the flowering plants produce bright orangish berries.

This Plant has been around for at least the past 2000 years. Interestingly, sea buckthorn generic name Hippophaes Rhamnoides stems from two Greek words: hippos – horse; phaos – shiny. Ancient Greeks noted the extraordinary energy, strength, and physical condition of horses grazing on it.

The fruits have been also believed in traditional Tibetan and Chinese therapy to have antiinflammatory effects. Pain, coughs, and digestive issues were treated with oils and drinks based on these fruits. Even nowadays sea buckthorn is one of the most often prescribed phyto-medicines in Russia and China.

Herbal teas made from the leaves of the sea buckthorn also became part of traditional therapy. Drinking the tea is believed to improve one’s overall health as it contains useful antibacterial and antiviral phyto-chemicals.


Sea Buckthorn And Digestive Health

sea buckthornGastrointestinal issues are the most common health complaints worldwide. Sea Buckthorn oil is capable of alleviating the symptoms and contributing to better digestive health.

The Omega content in the oil (particularly the rare Omega 7  fat) can relieve various digestive issues. GERD (reflux esophagitis) and colitis can respond to the oil. Numerous studies also confirm that sea buckthorn oil is useful for the treatment of gastric ulcers. Sea buckthorn is capable of repairing your stomach lining and support healthy cell membranes throughout your intestinal tract.

Some digestive issues can be caused by dryness in the gastrointestinal tract as well. Sea Buckthorn oil can correct this problem. The oil will hydrate the cells in your intestinal tract so you can achieve relief from constipation.

If you do not experience digestive issues, Sea Buckthorn oil may minimize your risk, so you can get a healthier digestive system.


Sea Buckthorn And Weight Management

weight lossFor weight control and weight management, this completely natural product is perfect. The special component of sea buckthorn is the rarely encountered Omega 7 fatty acid.

Omega 7 stimulates your organism to burn fat, and can stop your organism from accumulating additional fat. Omega 7 reduces hunger too, because it rises the concentration of the hormone cholecystokynin (CCK), which provides a sensation of fullness.

And it also increases the insulin sensitivity. Sensitivity to insulin helps the organism to convert glucose into energy instead of storing it in visceral fat cells.

While weight control and management let you to stay slim and attractive, the health benefits are even more important. Specifically, losing excess fat from your abdominal area can significantly minimize your risk of many dangerous health issues. The visceral fat that accumulates around your waistline results in a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, some cancers, and other potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Adding Sea Buckthorn tea, oil, or supplements to your daily routine may result in a longer, healthier life. A nicer physical appearance, and the confidence of knowing you look your best, are special bonuses you can enjoy when you are no longer struggling with weight issues.


Sea Buckthorn And Skin Health

creamWhen you want your skin to be healthy, you can use Sea Buckthorn either topically or orally.

When most people think of healthy skin, their main concern is an attractive, youthful appearance. Sea Buckthorn oil can produce this benefit. It is widely used by cosmetic industry in various antiaging creams for the care of dry or rapidly aging skin owing to a balanced combination of fatty acids along with vast range of various nutrients.

It can regenerate cells of your skin, moisturizes it, and make your skin more elastic, stimulating collagen synthesis. It makes you appear younger and more appealing. Sea Buckthorn oil is the perfect antiaging remedy for both women and men.

However, appearance is not the only benefit for your skin. The oil has proven effective for common skin problems. Sea Buckthorn Oil has both antibacterial and antiinflammatory effects so it can be used as a topical treatment to relieve skin of acne, rosacea and breakouts. The oil is also capable of healing from burns, frostbites, cuts, bedsores, sunburns and rashes. All these regenerative effects stem from very rare content of sea buckthorn’s omega 7 and omega 3 fat combination that gives sea buckthorn oil its skin-regenerating and skin-repairing characteristics.

Healthy skin contributes to a healthy body. Your skin protects your organs, but it is actually the largest organ in your organism. Sea Buckthorn contains a vast range of nutrients that will keep your skin in excellent condition so it can do its job in order to give your organism the maximum protection.


There Are Many More Health Benefits In Using Sea Buckthorn

universeSea Buckthorn contains more than 60 anti-oxidants, vast range of vitamins, aminoacids, fatty acids, and more than 20 minerals. Owing to the unique and very rich nutritional profile, it is considered a Superfood. It is not surprising that Sea Buckthorn can contribute to such variety of health benefits. Different products can be made from its roots, berries, and leaves, so you can choose the product you like the most.

Sea Buckthorn can protect your internal organs, keep your cholesterol levels down, alleviate symptoms of asthma, enhance mental clarity, enhance your eyesight, neutralize free radicals, and decrease inflammation. It can promote a healthier heart and liver, boost your immune system so you are less likely to become ill, reduce menopausal symptoms, and may treat anemia. You will not find many products that can provide all of these useful properties.


Sea Buckthorn: Side Effects And Cautions

Red exclamation markEven supplements that are 100% natural are not entirely safe for everyone. For some individuals Sea Buckthorn is not recommended for use.

Check greenIt is not recommended for intake by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, or children.

Check greenFor individuals who are on blood-thinning medications it is not advised to use it too, as it is a natural blood thinner. This caution applies to aspirin as well as prescription medications.

Check greenIf you suffer from any serious health issue, or use any medication, seek advice from your personal physician before using this or any other supplement.

Some healthy people may experience side effects. Adverse reactions may include heart palpitations, headache, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, or low blood sugar. However, it is important to note that individuals who currently have diabetes or decreased blood pressure are more likely to experience side effects.

When used correctly and in moderation, there are currently no known health risks related to Sea Buckthorn. For most people, the supplements, herbal teas, and products including juices and jellies are considered completely harmless.


Is Sea Buckthorn Right For You?

red-question-markEach and every one wants to be healthier, and minimize their risks of health conditions in the future. If you already have a health issue, you want to use something that has been proven effective. It is only sensible to want to know the facts about a product before you buy it. When the product is Sea Buckthorn, there are many benefits that you will appreciate, and no disadvantages for average adults. Whether you have a specific issue you want to address, or simply want better overall health, try one of the many forms of Sea Buckthorn today.


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