Bee Bread Benefits And Side Effects: Underrated Superfood

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Honey bees are remarkable creatures. Not only are they highly intelligent they also create one of the best tasting products on the market. I’m talking about honey of course.

But, did you know that honey wasn’t the only thing that honeybees make? Although well-known to traditional medicine practitioners and beekeepers, few know about the delicious treat called bee bread, also known as perga or bee ambrosia. But, the truth is, this healthful treat has been around for quite some time. In fact, natural healers have been using it for years on end.

Intrigued? The following information will help demystify this superpowered supplement, revealing some of the bee bread benefits.


What Is Bee Ambrosia?

honey beesSurprisingly, bee ambrosia is fermented bee pollen and although humans also can make it, it is commonly made by bees.

These busy little workers do so by adding secretions of their salivary glands and honey to bee pollen that is kept in their honeycombs. After this mixture is ready, the bees seal it with wax, securing it.

Once sealed, the mixture is subject to lactic fermentation, which is about the same as the fermentation that sour milk and other fermented dairy foods go through. Then, after 90 or so days, this mixture turns into what we know as bee bread.

The fermentation of the product not only assures that it will last a while, but it also increases the bioavailability of its nutrients. Another benefit is that it is gentle on the digestive system as well.

Bee bread is high in minerals and vitamins, has large amounts of peptides and free amino acids and contains about 30% protein on average. Bee ambrosia is characterized by very high nutritional value and has a rich chemical composition. Therefore, the bee ambrosia could easily supplement the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in human organism.

It has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. It also helps alleviate allergies, stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, detoxify the organism, promote healthy digestion, lower cholesterol, and a lot more. So, as you can see, this magical mixture has a therapeutic effect on all tissues and organs in the body.


What Does It Look Like?

bee-breadWith everything that goes into making bee bread, your vision of it may be (to put it lightly) slightly skewed. However, because bee bread is made from secretions of bees’ salivary glands, honey, and pollen, it looks like pollen nuggets. That is, it doesn’t look like something an insect threw up.

As an added bonus, the bee ambrosia has three times the antimicrobial and nutritional index of bee pollen and it is quite delicious. What more can you ask for?


Bee Ambrosia Benefits

Based on traditional medicine, bee ambrosia is excellent for those having illness of the hepatic and digestive systems. Bee ambrosia helps the liver function at its best and removes toxins from the organism. It also lowers cholesterol levels and helps alleviate prostate problems and urinary infections. It is also stated that bee ambrosia improves the appetite, rejuvenates the organism, and improves the appearance of your skin.

As far as actual research, studies about bee ambrosia are few and far between. However, the research that has been done found that bee ambrosia has the following healing properties:


Check greenImproves the body’s immunity:

defenseMost who are familiar with honey know that it has antimicrobial and antioxidants properties. The same can be said about bee bread. It also strengthens the immune system, improves overall body tonus, increases physical and mental activity.

Bee bread is widely used during seasonal allergies and vitamin deficiency, especially during the periods of reduced immunity, for example, in autumn-winter season, increasing organism’s resistance to infections. And if you already have infection of the upper respiratory tract, you are highly recommended consuming of bee bread for more rapid recovery.


Check greenHelps those suffering from anemia:

ironBecause of their low iron levels, people who suffer from anemia tend to be sluggish and tired. However, a study found that bee bread increase the hemoglobin and improves the appetite of those with anemia. They were also more likely to gain weight and have an improved mood.


Check greenHelps reduce cholesterol levels:

cholesterolStudies show that bee ambrosia regulates cholesterol level in the blood and reduces total lipid content, so those suffering from high cholesterol saw also a decrease of over 20% in their total cholesterol levels after they started taking bee bread.


Check greenHelps in prevention of heart diseases.

heartConsumption of bee bread normalizes heart rate, improves the performance and quality of lipid metabolism. All this is due to the high content of potassium, which is essential for the heart health.

This mineral is usually absorbed with a great difficulty from the food, and bee bread is one of the best suppliers of the element in an easily absorbed form. And a lack of potassium negatively affects not only the work of the heart, but also the overall body metabolism.


Check greenRestore functions of internal organs.

human internal organsIn diseases of internal organs such as the pancreas, liver and intestines, bee bread can play the role of replacement and rehabilitation therapy after long-term use of potent chemical drugs. Bee bread improves the functioning of liver cells, which is especially important for liver necrosis, cirrhosis and hepatitis.


Is It Safe?

Red Exclamation MarkCheck greenLike honey, bee bread is safe for most people, at least when taken for a short period of time. Still, it’s generally safe for adults and children 1 year of age and older.

You must be very cautious giving honey products to kids under this age. It can be a reason of very rare but severe gastrointestinal illness called infant botulism. This illness is caused by exposure to Clostridium botulinum spores. Once they enter the body, these spores multiply quickly and produce a dangerous toxin in the baby’s intestines.

Check greenIn addition, some individuals are allergic or sensitive to bee products. Although rare, these allergies can be a reason of adverse reactions. They include rapid heartbeat, fainting, shortness of breath, weakness, vomiting, nausea, and dizziness. It’s also important to know that honey may affect your blood sugar levels.

Check greenBee bread is likely safe for pregnant women. But, there is no information about its safety when used for the medicinal purposes of women that are nursing or breastfeeding. In this case, it’s best to err on the side of caution. That is, avoid taking bee bread this period.

Check greenIn terms of medications, anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs don’t mix well with honey. So, it’s fair to assume that the same holds true for bee bread. To make sure, talk to your health provider if you take this type of medication.


How To Use

bee-productsBecause it’s made with honey, bee ambrosia is actually very delicious. Rather than being sweet, the taste is slightly tangy, with flower, citrus, and fruit flavors. But, this is dependent on the flowers the bees got their pollen from.

Keeping that in mind, it’s necessary to note that bee ambrosia has all the nutrients and health benefits of bee pollen. But because of the fermentation process and the fact that it contains honey, it has a higher energy index, so it raises the energy in the body and can cause insomnia. Therefore it is highly preferrable that bee ambrosia is consumed in the early morning.

Put it under your tongue and wait until the bee ambrosia melts. You can also add it to your morning oatmeal or a delicious smoothie, or use it to make granola bars and other sweet treats. Doing so ensures that you will have the energy you need to keep going all day long. You should not take bee bread before sleep, since it can lead to excitation of the central nervous system and can disrupt your sleep.


Where To Purchase

The best and the safest way is to buy it from your local beekeepers. If you don’t have local beekeepers around you, you can try to find it online. It is always safer to purchase goods on Amazon, though bee ambrosia is not so popular there.

Bea-Bread-AmazonThis Bee Bread Season 2018 product has very good customers reviews on Amazon. Customers note, that this product is fresh, delicious and of high quality.


Bee-bread-EatsyAlternatively, you can buy it on Etsy website, which offers a wide range of bee breads from eastern Europe. Take this one seller, for example: Siberian Mountains Bee Bread 2018 Harvest, or choose your own seller. It is up to you.


The Bottom Line

If you never tried bee bread, then it’s time that you start. Not only is it very delicious, but is also packed with nutrients that can help improve your overall well-being. Furthermore, it’s natural too. Thus, you can expect not to deal with the side effects common to prescription medications. Another bonus! So, don’t be shy. Try bee bread today.



  1. I’ve never heard of bee bread before! Wow, this sure is interesting.They say that without the bees we wouldn’t exist and I believe it.I’m learning something here with this bee ambrosia. This really provides a lot of health benefits for us. I’m impressed.I’m reading that it’s delicious because I was going to ask how it tastes. That’s always a concern of mine, how something tastes.I’m sure my wife would be interested in bee bread.I’m for anything that is going to be healthy!Are there any reactions or side effects?

    1. Hi, Rob
      Thank you for the reading
      The taste of Bee Bread is really delicious: it is sweetish with a light note of bitterness. It has the same side effects that honey has – allergies mostly. And it has much less simple carbs than honey has, so it is beneficial for any diet. Believe me, you will enjoy it.

      Kind Regards

  2. Thank you for this informative article. It was really a great read. I use polen in everyday life. When you look at it, there is no better substance for human health then royal jelly and honey. Manuka honey is top notch food. A real wonder of nature. Although I use polen I have not heard about bee bread, but it must tastes awesome. I do not doubt in its great healing potential and great value for human health. I am eager to try it right now. 

    1. Hi, Strahinja. Thank you for the reading.
      I used royal jelly in my past, but the problem was that it has always given me more energy then I could stand. So today I use Drone Milk (Homogenate) instead. It effects me in similar but milder way.
      And bee polen is really good and benefitial for our health, but it has two major flaws:
      -it is poorly absorbed by our body;
      -it is very allergenic.
      The process of fermentation of bee pollen into bee bread allows us to solve these two problems. Even bees themselves do not eat raw polen, they use it as an ingredient for making bee bread. So I believe that bee bread is better for our health than the pollen.

      Kind Regards

  3. This is very interesting, I’ve never heard of Bee Bread before, and the story of how it is made is a off putting  – is this different from Bee Propolis and how doe sit compare in it’s effects, any better than the other?

    How much of a dose and how often should you take it?

    Be interested to find out about any research on this….

    1. Hi, Bryan
      There are several bee products that are benefitial for people:
      – Bee propolis. Bees use it as a construction material to build their hives.
      – Bee Royal Jelly. Bees use it to feed their Queen which gives a birth to their little ones.
      – Honey. Adult bees consume it themselves.
      – Bee pollen. Bees use it to make bee bread. Honey bees do not consume bee polen. Never.
      – Bee bread. Bees use it to feed their babies.

      So Bee bread and Bee propolis are completely different products. Propolis has mostly antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic applications.
      Bee bread is reach in protein, vitamines and microelements and beneficial for human because of its nutritional value.



  4. I like bee bread, I take daily, in the morning and I noticed how my immune system improved. One aspect worth to mentioned is the source  from where to buy, it should be a trustworthy source. 

    Another important aspect is the aspect of it. I heard about cases when persons assumed that they bought bee bread but it was a completely different thing. If you never bought bee bread, better to buy from a good source because you can end up in a trap.

    Thank you for an educational article.

    1. Hi, Dany.

      Yes, you are completely right. If you are not familiar with Bee Bread, you may easily buy false product. But if you bought it before, you can not be deceived: Bee bread is easily distinguishable in appearance, by taste or by flavor.

      It always better and safer to buy bee products from a local beekeeper, but unfortunately, for most of us the best beekeeper today is Amazon 🙂

      Best Regards


  5. Because the Bee Bread goes through lactic fermentation, do you know if it supports a healthy gut biome?  I know fermented foods are usually good for that, but I’m wondering if the quantities used would be sufficient.   Also, some people who take bee pollen report an increase in energy.  Does the Bee Bread provide a similar effect?

    1. Hi
      Bee Bread is actually used to help treat dysbacteriosis, destroying the pathogenic microflora in the gut and increasing the healty bacteria. It definitely worth a try.
      And it provides increase in energy, just like Bee Pollen does. So it is better to consume it in the morning.

      Good Luck

  6. This is my first time I have heard about Bee bread and it’s benefits. Thank you so much for this valuable article and it is very interesting. I usually use bee honey for different purposes but the bee bread we don’t use. You have mentioned very clearly about how we can use it and from where we can buy Bee bread. I hope that you will publish more articles on health and nutrition food in future and I am waiting to read those.

    1. Hi
      Somehow Bee Bread is more known in Eastern Europe. They have a lot of other bee products too, that are beneficial for human health – it is not only honey that bees produce. And they have a lot of research about these products. And what I like the most – all bee products are natural, delicious and safe to consume.

      Best Regards


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